WATCH VIDEO How To Operate Device & APPS



  • Do you service my area?

Cablekillerz service works where ever there is WiFi, our close friend in Dubai watches it! 


  • Do I need a FireTvStick?

Yes, you need a FireTvStick preferably a Fully Loaded #CableKillerz FireTvStick.


  • What’s a Fully Loaded #CableKillerz FireTvStick?

It’s a FireTvStick on steroids! It offers streaming of movies (old, new, in theaters ) at your finger tips with easy to use apps. You have access to all your tv shows ..... set up for binge watching. You gain access to adult content, and kids. It all comes loaded already and you just plug and play. You also have Software installed so you can just order All Access Subscription! 


  • Is it monthly bill?

The All Access 300+ HD channels ($30 monthly) depending on how many lines! FireTvStick is a one time fee.


  • If I already have a FireTvStick can I get these services? 

Yes. When you receive your log information, you will get a guide to installing our software. We also offer tech support over phone or text. We recommend 2nd generation or newer.


  • Can you all update my old FireTvStick? 

Yes we can, we can do it for $40 or you can receive a guide with tech support by phone for $25. We recommend that for our people out of state to offer faster service. 


  • Where are you all located?

We are located in New Orleans. We deliver locally free of charge! 


  • Do you all offer package deals?

We offer deals on 3 or more FireTvSticks! Please email or DM for custom pricing.


  • Does #Cablekillerz All Access Subscription have all the channels?

We offer every channel and all premium channels, we don’t offer local news due to being worldwide! You will also have PayPerView, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, WWE Network 


  • What does 1** line or 2 ** line mean?

When having All Access Subscription you can enter log in information into up to 3 devices. But if you only have 1 line you can on stream on 1 device at a time. If 2 lines, 2 devices at a time will stream services!


  • What kind of WiFi do I need?

We recommend 50mbps or better with speeds to enjoy streaming services.


  • Can I do away with my cable?

YES, this service is setup for you to cut cord on those high cable bills! 


  • Are there updates? 

Yes, periodically there will be and it’s easy. Will always have access to an update an instructions on 


  • I don’t know how to use a FireTvStick, can you help?

Yes, we offer tech support by phone or via text on getting you going and informing you how to work the different apps.